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Vote for Alex-Paradise Hunter

Yup, this is Alex

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How often do we get a chance to make a meaningful difference in another person’s life? How often is making meaningful difference as easy as clicking to show your support? Answer: pretty much never! But today I want to introduce you to Alex Lop, one of the semifinalists in the Paradise Hunter Contest. He’s in the running to host the new TV show and he needs our help.

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By voting for Alex we can ensure that:

a) We change the course of one person’s life for the better (this is reason enough)

b) Alex has promised to use the TV hosting duties to get involved with charities and good causes in each of the 12 places the TV show will send him (this alone is also reason enough)

Two of the major themes of Todd’s Wanderings are: Do What you Love, and use your own happiness to help others. This is exactly what Alex wants to do. But he needs our help. The price of our help is a mere few minutes out of our day. Plus he really entertains with his videos! (see below).

Vote For Alex

If you are already sold GO HERE to vote for Alex. All you need to do is click the link and enter the verification word (always something pleasant like “lifestyle” or…wait for it…”pleasant”). No need to give out any of your personal details. You can vote everyday until December 15th.

Learn More about Alex and how you can Help

I met Alex over twitter and found that we had a lot in common. In fact we are meeting up in Tokyo this winter for some hot sake and delicious food :) Here is Alex’s original Audition and his latest movie that answers the question “Why Me?” For anyone who has ever tried to make an interesting short video, you know how hard this must have been.

Here is what Alex has to say about the whole process

“If I win, I’d host an international travel TV show called Paradise Hunter, get paid to travel to 12 countries in a year in search of paradise, and win a $150K property. This round ends 12/15 and I need all the help I can get.
Here are the key points:
  • WHAT: Paradise Hunter is a Canadian Dream Travel Job contest (similar to the “Best Job in the World” one) with an interactive American Idol-type voting process
  • WHO: I’m a kindred spirited traveler, finished 1st in the US and finished 2nd globally out of nearly 1000 auditions in the world  to qualify for the semi-finals
  • The contest has over a million views online. To get some laughs, I dressed up as a geisha, created an interpretive dance, made friends with total strangers online to get as many votes as possible. I put out new footage all the time. Here’s my original Audition and my latest movie that answers the question “Why Me?”
  • WHERE: I’d get PAID to travel to 12 unique countries in a year in search of paradise, and win a $150K property at the end of the show.
  • WHEN: This round ends 12/15, and I’m positive if I can land an interview before then, I’d become a finalist.
  • WHY: I am not looking for fame or riches; I’m looking for the adventure of a lifetime and at an opportunity to share that experience with a like-minded audience. My goals for the show: interactive travel show (through social media, twitter, facebook, blogging etc) so the audience has a say in where I go and what I do. Also, since I’ll be given a property, it’s not just about ‘vacationing.’ It’s about becoming part of the local community. That why everywhere I go, I want to get involved – whether through volunteer work, environmental conservation, public health initiatives, etc.”

RELEVANT LINKS (Take up Alex’s cause by sharing this story with others)

Ok, Todd here. If you have voted, I want to thank you. This is a great opportunity to use the power of our community to help a member of our group. Please pass this on, share, stumble, tweet etc. And if you are wondering, I get nothing out of this other than the amazing satisfaction that I helped in a tiny way to help someone achieve their dreams.

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  1. AndiNo Gravatar says:

    Off to vote, best wishes!!!!!!!
    Andi´s recent [type] ..Cuba Day 8 Part 1

  2. voted, good luck!
    Ayngelina Brogan´s recent [type] ..Eleven Authentic Ecuadorian Eats

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