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How to Cook Kisir-Turkish Tabbouleh

This post is by: Kay (my lovely wife and writer for K’s Kitchen!) I just came back from my work trip to Istanbul. Although this was my third trip there, I am still impressed with the energy and number of people! And Istanbul will welcome you with so many interesting activities including beautiful historical sights, shopping, and delicious Turkish cuisine. Today, I would like to introduce you to one of the Turkish dishes called Kisir which is a Turkish style Tabboleh.This dish is very healthy and friendly for vegetarians. As usual, I had to substitute bulgur with couscous as I could not find bulgur in Kosovo (and forgot to buy it while in Istanbul). I hope you enjoy this glimpse of Turkish Cuisine! Ingredients (for 4 people) Couscous: 1 cup=240 cc (and of course use bulgur if available) Hot water: 1 1/4 cup Salt: 1 teaspoon Tomato paste: 2 Tablespoons Read full article…

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