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Three weeks in Phenom Penh, Cambodia

In September I spent 3 weeks in Phenom Penh, Cambodia on an extended work trip. Flying into the country I was amazed at the transformation that has happened over just the last 3 years since I had visited last, and especially since my first trip in 2001. When I was last in Phenom, Penh in 2005 the buildings were still below 3 stories and a lot of roads were still dirt. I visited most of the typical tourist spots in 2005, here are a few pictures from that trip. Just 40 minutes outside of the city and you feel a world away. The Killing Fields museum. The stupa in the distance is a glass filled shrine housing 8,000 human skulls. The stilts help protect from floods Inside the royal place When I visited Angkor Wat in 2000 I traveled overland from Thailand and spent 14 hours from the Thai border Read full article…

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