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Wedding in Kochi, India

In early March I hopped on a plane for the hour long flight to Kochi. I have now been to India two times. Both times to the southern city of Kochi, in Kerala, and both times for a wedding. My friends Sheila and Luv really outdid themselves and the 3 day event was filled with nonstop eating, drinking, dancing and picturesque sunsets over the bay. Their wedding truly lived up to every image I ever had for a grand Indian wedding. With its beautiful tropical weather, old world colonial footprint, bustling port and picturesque bay, amazing sunsets, and laid back locals, Kochi offered the perfect backdrop for the wedding. Here is a glimpse of what was a perfect weekend. The crafty marketing for the “Bar” almost lured me away from the pre-wedding luncheon in the historic district of Kochi. Having resisted the bar, I arrived at Menorah to eat wonderful Read full article…

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