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5 Unique Things to Do in Boston

Boston is not only a visually stunning city, it is also home to the Red Socks, Beer and Lobster! The city of Boston is one of my “second” homes. From historical battle fields, to Irish pubs, a mix of colonial and modern architecture, the fusion of blue collar values and lofty academics leaves me feeling relaxed and welcomed. The city is smaller than most capital cities and boasts a host of unique neighborhoods. It’s more intimate than it’s rival New York, and  it’s easy to escape for those dreaming of New England sea coast villages or the mountain wilderness of New Hampshire and Vermont. Boston is where my mother’s family is from, where I went to school, it’s where all of my best friends live, it’s my first stop during any trip home, and it’s one of those places you could spend years exploring and never really figure it all Read full article…

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Our wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

I know this post is coming a bit late but I wanted to share my wedding with everyone. Marriage is certainly one of the biggest adventures I have wandered into. I am sure it will spawn many new stories to share. We had a wonderful September day on the water in Newport, with the sun shining and the boats cruising out of the harbor for a boat show weekend regatta. The wedding was planned from halfway around the world while Kay and I lived in Sri Lanka, and even after Kay left for Kosovo. In fact we didn’t even see the venue until our “last” meeting with the Regatta Place 5 days before the wedding! Crews leaving for the race in Narragansett Bay Despite the distance and the logistics of planning from so far away, the Regatta Place did an incredible job and I would recommend them to anyone based Read full article…

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A Short Trip Around the World

In May I traveled outside of Sri Lanka for work and headed back to the West, at least for the first part of my trip. In the course of one month I visited England, the US, Switzerland and Thailand. My first stop was England to give a workshop on housing and security in Sri Lanka. It was my first time in England, so after visiting the University of Essex I took a few days to wander around London and soak up the Spring air. Piccadilly Circus Hyde Park was a great place to relax and see the black swans Westminster Abby Big Ben. By now you are probably realizing that all I did was walk around and see the landmarks from the outside. I wish I had enough time to look inside but I found just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere had its own rewards. Of course I Read full article…

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