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Proof it All Works Out in The End

I think apologies are in order. No, no, not you to me. I owe YOU an apology. I thought I was being honest with you You see, I have always tried to tell you the truth about my life. I have tried not to hold anything back…even my finances. I thought I was revealing myself through my wit and story craft By giving you Travel Narratives I thought my personality would shine through when you read about my adventures in far off lands (well far off for you). I worked hard to embarrass myself, or share stories that might get me fired from work, accounts of when I almost died, and even times when I have saved others from dieing. I thought that you would get updates on my Facebook Page You see, I started my Facebook Page to help fill in the gaps here in on my website. There Read full article…

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(Warning: there are no pretty pictures in this post. You’ve been getting distracted too easily recently and this is important) Shhhhhh, come closer. I have a secret. Many of you may think you know me through my blog. I try to be open, transparent and honest about my life on the road.  But I still have secrets. Recently people have begun to associate me with the recent trend of travel and lifestyle bloggers who have dumped their corporate world and stifling cubical for the freedom of the open road.  It’s a compelling story, a dream of millions. It tugs at the emotional triggers of the reader for a life of endless beach cocktails, far away romances, and awe inspiring moments as you stand in center of a 10,000 year old monument, feel the ancient dirt shift between your feet, breath in the scent of accumulated history and finally make a Read full article…

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